2017 ADL/SportPEI Junior Male and Points Race Winner

photo by Jared Murphy


The ADL/SportPEI Junior Male Roadrunners & Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Male Points Champion is Samuel Peterson

As was noted, there’s no sign that Samuel is going to loosen his grip on this title until he ages out into the senior category.

Samuel had a great year, participating in 13 events and topping the male Roadrunners running

  • the Deltaware 5K in 17:59, 4th overall
  • and the Brookvale Ultra 10K in 56:43, 4th overall.

He picked up 26 Points each at Proude’s Shoes 5K, Sporting Intentions Spring Run Off 10K, the Wally Rodd 10K & the Fall Frolic 12.3K.

Samuel had a 3.96 average pace in those 13 events in 2017, and picked up 160 Points. Congrats Samuel!