2017 ADL/SportPEI Senior Male and Points Race Winner


photo by Jared Murphy

The ADL/SportPEI Senior Male Roadrunners & Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Male Points Champion is Steve Reeves

Steve had himself quite a year as he evolved from a big, tall runner into mountain man.

His 9 events in 2017 ranged from 5K to 50K and he had a 3.96 average pace over those runs.

He was the top male roadrunner in 5 of the 7 point races he entered. He ran

  • the Bunny Hop in 35:22, 4th overall,
  • Proude’s Shoes 5K in 17:11, 2nd overall,
  • Wally Rodd in 37:13, 2nd overall,
  • Mount Edward Grocery 5 Miler in 30 minutes flat, 1st overall
  • & the Desmond Baglole Scenic Road Run 15K in 1:01:20, 1st overall

He picked up 26 Points each at the Freeze Your Gizzard & at the Dunk River Run, ending the season on top with 197 Points.