2017 Inspirational Runner of the Year

photo by Andrew Wafstaff

Kevin McCarville

It may be a surprise to many to learn, just a day after his 1:18:58 Dunk River Run last July, while working out at the Spa with his trainer, Kevin had a stroke.

The stroke affected his left side & his speech. From those early scary days in hospital Kevin stayed positive, worked hard, and has had a full recovery. His body reminds him he’s mortal every now and then and he’s a bit more inclined to listen to it now.

His main goal, post stroke, was just to get healthy and continued to work with his personal trainer Kurt to run a half marathon.  As soon as he was back on his feet he was volunteering at races he couldn’t run. Stubbornly, he was back running sooner than he probably should have been, he ran the Run Runners Relay & the Farmers Helping Farmers 5 Miler in September & the PEI Marathon 10K in October, putting off his Half-Marathon bid until 2018.

Kevin is also active in yoga and extremely active in tennis.  He volunteers when he can’t run, drives runners to races, and is always encouraging to his fellow roadrunners.

Kevin, we’re so happy you’re still with us and commend you on the work you’ve put in and the runners you’ve inspired. Congratulations!