Junior Female 2019

Maleah Welton!

Congratulations Maleah Welton!

14 year Maleah accumulated 89 points in four Points events in 2019.

Proude’s Shoes 5km  
25:52    13th Female overall   5:10/km pace 

Farmers Helping Farmers 5Miler
50:32     5th Female overall    6:16/km pace 

LIFE Run 5km
27:12     4th Female overall    5:26/km pace

PEI Marathon 10km
56:56   3/12 Female 01-19 age   5:42/km pace

Congratulations Maleah!
ADL/SportPEI have a fancy certificate we’ll get to you some day. As well, we have a 1st Place Points Certificate for you, a Points mug & some little prize…
Don’t hold your breath but eventually we will connect you with your well deserved awards!

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