Female Roadrunner of the Year 2019

Shanice MacDonald!

2019 Female Roadrunner: Shanice MacDonald

Shanice is a very visible member of the PEI Roadrunners community. Her wide smile and sparkling attire shine a bright light at every run. Shanice showed incredible dedication to her running in 2019, and it was reflected in her performances. She participated in all 20 points races, as well as many other events both at home and away. She finished the points standings in 1st place for her age division (females 30-39) and 3rd place overall for females, with a total of 242 points.

Shanice started 2019 STRONG with several half marathons. In early February in Moncton she completed the Hypo half as her 46th half marathon.In mid February in Amherst, Nova Scotia she completed her 47th half marathon finishing as the 3rd female overall.In late February at our Freeze Your Gizzard race she completed her 48th half marathon, finishing with a PB by 6 minutes! In March, in sunny Florida, she completed her 49th half marathon, achieving yet another PB! In case you’ve lost count, this is FOUR half marathons from Feb-March, two of them with PB’s! 

She continued into the busy spring,summer, and fall running seasons with more success. In early May she achieved an incredible PB at the Proude’s 5k, finishing in a time of 24:30, and crossing the finish line with excited arms in the air, a smile, and sparkles.In May she also ran the Fredericton Marathon, her 9th full marathon, as well as her very first 5 miler. On August 4th, she admittedly went out of her comfort zone and completed the Brookvale 25km ultra trail race, finishing with her signature smile and sparkle skirt. In October of 2019 she completed her 52nd Half Marathon during PEI Marathon weekend. 

Not only is Shanice a multi-marathoner, she is also a mother of 2, a wife, and a hard-working individual, who knows how to balance her responsibilities with her training leading up to race day. She has also had to overcome some health challenges associated with IBS, which can affect  her training. Shanice speaks openly about being a runner with IBS on her social media accounts, recently posting the following on Instagram: 

A lot of people ask me why I keep running when it can cause me so much pain and discomfort, that I should find something else, that they couldn’t imagine telling people about the IBS issues. And this is what I tell them. I LOVE running, I have never been an athlete and running gives me such an accomplishment. I have met so many wonderful friends through running and it has gotten me off the couch and showed my kids never to quit, keep going.

I think we can all agree Shanice exemplifies dedication, persistence and the ability to push forward in the face of adversity. All qualities of the Female Road Runner of the Year! She has a deep love of running, she does not quit when it gets hard AND uncomfortable, and she inspires others to do the same.

Congratulations Shanice! Someday we will present you with your fancy award and a lovely prize from award sponsor Good Guys Auto Glass!

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