Male Roadrunner of the Year 2019

Jacob Simmons!

PEI Roadrunners 2019 Male Roadrunner of the Year: Jacob Simmons

2019 was a big year for Jacob. After a decade away from running to focus on his college basketball career, and then being forced to take an entire year off of any form of exercise due to injury, he rediscovered his love for the sport and came back with a vengeance. 

As one fellow Roadrunner observed, Jacob showed up at almost every Roadrunners race, and consistently placed among the top of the field. This resulted in him accumulating a total of 247 points for the 2019 season. 

Jacob recently shared on the PEI Roadrunners Facebook group an interview he did for the podcast “Transformations Through Running” that provided further insight into just how transformational of a year 2019 was for him:

He overcame a broken wrist, torn meniscus and an ulcer in his cornea, which led him to quit cigarettes and lose 40 pounds. He went from not competing in any road races for almost ten years to running in 27 races including his first marathon and also a 3000+ person race in Galway Ireland. 

That first marathon referenced above was the PEI Marathon in October 2019, which Jacob finished in a time of 3:40:34. Other notable race results this year include the Michael Thomas (16 km) in 1:08:57, the Dunk River (11.7km) in 52:48, and the Farmers Helping Farmers 5 miler, which he won in a time of 33:55. 

Jacob was described in his nomination as someone who “in his own quiet way is an inspiration”. It is not hard to see why when considering what he has accomplished in such a short time after returning from injury, to a sport he had not participated in for 10 years. PEI Roadrunners Club looks forward to seeing what Jacob has in store for 2020!

Congratulations Jacob, someday we will present you with your fancy award and a lovely prize from award sponsor Sporting Intentions!

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