Organizing A New Run?

The PEI RoadRunners Club is often approached about helping to organize a new run.  The information provided below outlines the support that is provided by the Club, and lists some things that you should consider for a new run.   The list is not exhaustive, but should help you get started.


Support from the RoadRunners Club:


The RoadRunners Club can help out by:

  • providing promotion for your run on our web site.
  • Providing caution signs, water jugs, stop watch, race clock (if there are not conflicting races).
  • Providing race bib numbers and safety pins.
  • Providing Information & answering your questions – See our Race Directors Guide & Sanctioning Criteria for a Wealth of information

More Information and downloads on the Race Directors page.

Items For You to Consider:

The following items (in no particular order) are things you should consider:

  • Finding someone willing to act as the race director (probably yourself)
  • Select a distance(s) and course(s)
  • Pick a date for the run
  • Finding volunteers to help with traffic control on busy intersections (runner safety should be your #1 priority)
  • Finding volunteers for the water stops
  • Finding volunteers for the finish line (3 if possible – one to mark times, one to mark bib numbers and one to chase if several runners come in at once).
  • Don’t rely too much on runners to volunteer – they will want to run instead
  •  Pick a charity for the proceeds of the run (optional)
  • Set a price for the run
  • Send details of the run to PEI RoadRunners Club  Submit Your Event
  • Find a sponsor (optional) to help cover the cost and allow more money to go to the charity
  • Let the police know the details of your run once they are finalized.
  • Water – at the start and finish, and at least one on the course (maybe one every 5K)
  • Food – Bananas or oranges at the finish – the more food the more likely runners will return next year
  • Draw prizes (optional) – arrange for a few draw prizes if possible  – helps attract runners back the next year

***One of the best things to do before becoming a race director is to contact an existing race director

and ask them if you can shadow them on their race day to see what they do***