2017 Female Roadrunner of the Year

photo by Andrew Wafstaff

Jocelyn Peterson

Jocelyn wakes up at 4:45 every morning to train, so she can be home after a busy day at work.  This sacrifice also allows the rest of her family to work out in the afternoon.  She consistently does whatever it takes to train her best while balancing family life.

She is also extremely fun to be around.  It is difficult to imagine anyone else who could successfully establish a thriving 5 AM running group, without even trying.  Yet she rarely has to run alone because her friends love her early morning company.

Because of her busy job and her commitment to her family, Jocelyn often doesn’t get to take part in local road races.  She puts others before herself at all times.

On more than one occasion, she has paced a friend in a marathon, instead of trying to run her best time.  This is why it was so gratifying for her friends and family when she came first in the PEI Marathon this year in 3:18:51.

Jocelyn worked her way up the standings in her 4 events in 2017. She was 5th female in the Cox & Palmer 10K, 3rd female in the Harvest Fest 25K, 2nd female in the Desmond Baglole Scenic Road Run & then top female at the PEI Marathon.

Also, little-known-fact: it was actually Jocelyn who inspired the rest of her family to run.  She started the obsession when she took up marathoning while in medical school.  Her friends and family are all so proud of her hard work, generosity and accomplishments.

Congratulations Jocelyn!