2017 Rookie of the Year

photo by Andrew Wagstaff

Congratulations Ensor McNeill!

Ensor appeared on the Roadrunner scene in the summer of 2016. He & his buddy Mark Peck joined in 2017 and the friendly competition between them was evident from the start.

Ensor is originally from Miscouche and recently retired from Transport Canada after 35 years. He served in the Canadian Coast Guard and obtained the rank of Captain. He later transferred to Transport Canada and worked in the Ship Safety division. He is a master mariner.

He is married to Kim and has three boys Josh, Jacob and Noah.

Ensor has coached minor hockey and baseball throughout PEI.

He has been involved in running his entire life and encourages others to get involved and active in running.

Ensor is, apparently, a fan of hills and firmly believes that they  are essential in training for a race. He always makes it a point to speak to runners to find out how they are doing and is happy to help out when the opportunity presents.

He was at 18 events in 2017, from Summerside to east of Souris, in a variety of distances from the Golden Mile to Half Marathons. With an average pace of 5.05, and picked up 130 Points. His goal was to do 20 races but a fall leg injury curtailed those plans.

His half marathon pace in 2017, at Freeze Your Gizzard, WR3 and the PEI Half Marathon, went from 5.78 to 5.23 to 5.17

He ran off Island too, getting training runs in in 6 Provinces & 5 States during 2017.

You will often see him running in Stratford and he’ll be running through Stratford again tomorrow in the WR3 where his Rookie time to beat is 1:50:12.

Congratulations on your Rookie season Ensor & Happy running in 2018.