2018 Inspirational Roadrunner of the year

Inspirational Runner of the Year – Lana Chaisson


A few years ago Lana wanted to make a life style change. She bought a bike and could be seen far from home on a regular basis peddling along with a smile on her face. Then she took up running. The satisfaction she received from running made her want it even more. As she progressed she was invited out with others; the smiles grew larger. 

She inched her way to longer runs. Souris once had the Couch Potato Half Marathon. It was a trail run from Elmira to Souris to encourage anyone to hop on the Confederation Trail anywhere to run any distance they chose, even the half marathon distance. Lana had her sites on the half. 

Under trained, she gave it a try. At about the 15km mark she sustained an ankle injury. Sara Deveau stuck with her and got her across the finish line. 

Despite this setback, Lana held on to the love of long distance running. She then began to cycle 10 – 15 km after she ran. She became even stronger, both physically and mentally. Lana is also an avid swimmer. More smiles. Needless to say, she has combined all three sports to compete at numerous triathlons. Larger smiles. 

Fast forward to 2016. Lana and friends trained for Fredericton in 2017. Lana could not wait to hit the course. Lana was both excited and nervous but she set that goal and achieved it.. She soaked it all in and immediately afterward asked when the next one was. Well, the next one was the PEI Marathon in 2017. Another goal set, and another goal achieved. 

Since that first official half marathon Lana has not looked back. She has been an inspiration to her family and friends. Yes she struggled, but that only made her stronger, more determined and a role model for her peers. Running has helped her combat virtually anything that life has thrown at her. Her husband and son beam with pride, with her son attending many of her runs to support and encourage her. She can be seen running in wind, rain and snow, colorfully dressed and always smiling. Lana is a proud ambassador of long distance running. She often answers questions and encourages not yet runners to give it a try. She does her best to attend our local runs and supports as many charities as she can.; just check out her photos on her FB page.  

Her giving nature and big heart is why Lana is deserving of the PEI Roadrunners 2018 Inspirational Runner of the Year.