Survey Data – Your Priorities

Thank you all so much for your participation in our survey. Using the ranked data below, we have a much clearer idea of where to spend out energy and where we can cut back. At this point, the only item being totally cut this year is the printed booklet.

The other change we’ve made is to sanctioning – we will only be sanctioning the events in the PEI Roadrunners / Hashems Variety Championship Points Series. For our members, this means you will only have ADD (accident) insurance at these events. We will continue to list all the events we know of on our schedule, for the information of our Members & the running community.

We have some great things in store that will be revealed shortly!

We had 72 respondents :

57 participants,

11 Both Race Directors & Participants

3 Race Directors

1 neither

Your Priorities, in order:

  1. Online Schedule
  2. Website
  3. Equipment available for Race Directors
  4. Online Results
  5. Social Media
  6. Email Race Reminders
  7. Points Series
  8. Yearly Member Bibs
  9. Swag/Clothing
  10. Annual Awards
  11. Insurance
  12. Membership Perks
  13. Awards Banquet
  14. Christmas Party
  15. Same Bib Number Every Year
  16. Printed Booklet


Again, thank you for the great response! Your comments lead us to believe we’re on the right track. Thanks too for all your kind words & suggestions!

-janet & the Board