2019 PEI Roadrunner Awards


Rewind 2 Months to Thursday morning, March 12th
I had an appointment in town so Alex got a haircut, I picked up some change for the AGM & Awards Banquet float then met with Ensor and we stuffed the Membership envelopes so they’d be ready for pick up at the Banquet the following night.
Two hours later I was emailing the Board expressing my concern about hosting a capacity event, gutted at the thoughts of cancelling it on 1 days notice after so much time, effort & expense had already gone into it, but not comfortable with putting so many people at potential risk. There were 148 Covid-19 cases in Canada, up from 117 the previous day, none in PEI.
Two hours after that Stacey was breaking it to Alex at Evermoore that we were suddenly cancelling, 24 hours before our Banquet.
By Banquet Day Friday Canada was up to 197 cases
On Saturday Canada had 257 cases and one of them was from PEI
By Monday Evermoore was suddenly closed.
Then the old world started to fade away….

Now here we are, 2 months later, just sort of hanging out in the space between the old world and the new one. Races you had lined up and/or were training for are cancelled. Your running group can’t group and your training buddy can’t buddy.
However, online your Community has risen to the challenge in interesting ways. Virtual races and online running challenges abound. Support flows thick on social media for people accomplishing goals and others who can’t seem to put their shoes on and take those first steps, or those first steps back.
We’re lucky to live where we do with the ability to walk and run in uncrowded places, in a landscape getting more beautiful by the day. Especially if you’re running across Tennessee or Nova Scotia or Canada… or aiming at 1000km this year, 2020Km in 2020.. or virtually running your cancelled race events or a novel Coronavirus themed event.

So, while the Board figures out how to have an AGM, let’s get ready to celebrate your 2019 Running Season and recognize a handful of you with our annual Awards.

Winners will be unveiled here daily
May 18th to 22nd

The links below will start working on the days indicated.

Sadly, this year’s winners won’t be hearing the presentation of their award or your applause. They won’t hear your congratulations & comments and no one will shake their hand. They won’t even be trying on their new shoes or hanging up their certificates and plaques until we can figure out how to get them from who has them to who won them…

So please show them some love at the bottom of their award pages,
let’s hear some wild applause!


Monday May 18th we will announce & celebrate:

Junior Female
Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Championship Point Winner
ADL / SportPEI Jr Female Achievement Award Winner

Junior Male
Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Championship Point Winner
ADL / SportPEI Jr Male Achievement Award Winner

Tuesday May 19th we will announce & celebrate:

Senior Female
Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Championship Point Winner
ADL / SportPEI Sr Female Achievement Award Winner

Senior Male
Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Championship Point Winner
ADL / SportPEI Sr Male Achievement Award Winner

Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunners Club Championship Points
Age Division Winners

Wednesday May 20th we will announce & celebrate:

Most Improved Roadrunner

Rookie of the Year

Thursday May 21st we will announce & celebrate:

Volunteer of the Year

Inspirational Roadrunner of the Year

Friday May 22nd we will announce & celebrate:

Female Roadrunner of the Year

Male Roadrunner of the Year

Honourary Lifetime Membership Recipient