Senior Female 2019

Stacey Kuypers!

Stacey racked up at least 20 Points in every Points event she entered. Participating in 18 scheduled events, 12 of them Points Races, in the 2019 season, she totalled 266 Points!

She was top female Roadrunner, taking home 29 Points each at: 

Friendship Run 10K         51:09     5:06/km pace

The Golden Mile              7:10        4:27/km pace

The Wally Rodd 10K        48:57     4:54/km pace

Fulton Campbell 21.1K    2:05:21   5:56/km pace

She was the 2nd place female Roadrunner at:

Hashem’s Variety 10 Miler   39:24

Points East Lighthouse Run   2:45:23

PEI Marathon   4:04:05

Congratulations Stacey!
ADL/SportPEI have a fancy certificate we’ll get to you some day. As well, we have a 1st Place Points Certificate for you, a Points mug & a pair of shoes from Hashem’s! Don’t hold your breath but eventually we will connect you with your well deserved awards!

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