Senior Male 2019

Mike Peterson!

This season, out of a possible 290 Points, Mike took home 282!

In his 7 10K or less events he was 1st male Roadrunner 4 times, 2nd twice & was our 16th in the Golden Mile where he paced 6yo Alice. 

In his 5 over 10K events he was top male Roadrunner at

 Freeze Your Gizzard Half Marathon 

Michael Thomas 10 Miler 

The Dunk River Run 

Farmers Helping Farmers 10 Miler. 

He was the 3rd male Roadrunner at the Brookvale Ultra 25K, finishing 3 seconds behind his son Samuel.

Except Brookvale & The Golden Mile, he had a sub 4 minute Km at every event, his pace ranging from 3:32/km to 3:54/km.   

Congratulations Mike!
ADL/SportPEI have a fancy certificate we’ll get to you some day. As well, we have a 1st Place Points Certificate for you, a Points mug & a pair of shoes from Hashem’s! Don’t hold your breath but eventually we will connect you with your well deserved awards!

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