About Our Club

The PEI RoadRunners Club

(An Affiliate Member of Sport PEI)


The mandate of the PEI RoadRunners Club is to promote the sport of running on PEI, and to encourage all Islanders to adopt a healthy, active lifestyle!  The proceeds from most of the races and runs sanctioned by the Club go to charities, sporting organizations and other worthwhile causes.

Club Memberships:  

If you enjoy our races and would like to support the PEI RoadRunners Club, we would encourage you to become a member.  Our membership fees have been kept low to encourage participation.

Membership fees are: $20 for Individuals and $30 for Families.


Benefits of the Club (2019) 

  • Liability & ADD Insurance at PEI Roadrunner Sanctioned Events
  • 15% of regular priced clothing and footwear at Source for Sports
  • 15% off regular priced footwear at Proude’s Shoes
  • See the Perks Page for more discounts & perks
  • New Perk: Off-Island Hotel Room discounts for Members running Races in the Maritimes

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We give away most of the benefits of the Club to runners whether they are members of the Club or not.  Most runners become members because they enjoy the races and want to support the Club and the work that it does!

About our races/runs: 

The PEI Roadrunners Club sanctions runs & walks on PEI to provide participants with safe, well organized events. To that end, we work to support these Race Directors to provide equipment, advice, information, insurance, etc.  We support our members with information through our website, social media and at sanctioned events. Runners of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate.  All of our races are open to everyone … whether you are a RoadRunner member or not.  Our races/runs are only as competitive as “you” want them to be!  Our motto is:


“You’ll Enjoy the Race …  No Matter What Your Pace!!”


Registration fees for races/runs have been kept low to encourage participation. Registration fees range from $5 to $30 for most races, and family rates are available for some races.  The races/runs are the direct result of the volunteer efforts of our Race Directors.   In most cases, the race proceeds go towards the various charities, sports organizations and other groups selected by the race director.  We acknowledge the hard work and dedication of these individuals who allow us to pursue our “passion/addiction for running”, while at the same time raising funds for worthwhile causes.


Race / Fun Run Expectations 


Fun Runs – Participation and non-competitive fun and exercise are emphasized.

  • · Run numbers may or may not be given
  • · Run timing may be informal
  • · Run distance may be approximate
  •   There may be less support for runners along the course (i.e. fewer water stations)
  •    However, emphasis must still be placed on runner safety and sufficient traffic control must be provided) ·        ·


Point Races – Emphasis is still placed on fun for all race participants. However, the following   conditions  should also be included in Point Races

  • · At least a two year history as a well organized run
  • · Course distance will be accurately measured.
  •    Race numbers will be provided.
  • · Accurate race timing.
  • · Greater emphasis is placed on providing water stops, directional signs and traffic control (Safety should still be the top priority).
  • ·  Race results will be provided to runners and the club statistician for use in the Road Race Championship Series
  • ·  Road Race Championship Points will be awarded to all PEI RoadRunner Club members.
  •    Point Races are indicated with the RoadRunner logo in the race schedule


Point Guidelines

Points are awarded at each Championship Points race according to the following formula for both male and female race finishers.

1st   – 29 Points

2nd  – 26 Points

3rd  – 24 Points

4th  – 22 Points

5th  – 21 Points

6th – 25th  – one less to a total of 25 placings


One (1) point for each member who participated in the race but does not qualify for points under the criteria listed above.


Final standings are determined by adding the best five 10K & Under Points to the best five Over 10K Points.


Only PEI RoadRunner Club members are eligible for points.


Award Categories

Grand Prizes:

Top Male & Top Female

Age Categories:,

Male & Female:

17 & Under

18 – 29

30 – 39

40 – 49

50 – 59

60 – 69

70 & Over


Support Provided by the Club to Race Directors:  


Club Constitution:  


Our History: 

The success of the PEI RoadRunners Club is due in large part to the vision, insight, dedication and hard work of those individuals who established the Club back in the mid-70’s when “running” was still a foreign concept to most Islanders.  The values they instilled at that time (supporting runners of all abilities, friendly competition, good sportsmanship, and supporting worthwhile causes) remain with the Club today.  The history presented below pays tribute to those founding members of the Club and shows the growth and progression of both the Club, and the sport of running since those early days. Special thanks to Don Harley who preserved much of this early history of the Club.