AGM President’s Report April 20 2018

President’s Report, April 20th 2018

Welcome to my Finish Line

Rest assured I’ll still be hanging out in this finish line area for a number of years to come, but as President, this is the line.

Two AGMs ago when I stepped up, and I offered to President for 2 years. I had 2 goals. I wanted to start the move forward by restoring the Club to back where it was, for runners & for Race Directors, and I wanted to make it sustainable.

Leaving the 2016 & 2017 AGMs with great boards in place, we succeeded in / surpassed my first goal, but did not conquer my 2nd.

I do believe we’re on the right road though. I suck as a Presidenting and I’m even worse as a volunteer coordinator. But, I believe more strongly than ever that this Club has the passionate people within it to enable our little, 100% volunteer run Club to continue to be a very positive force in the lives of so many people in our PEI running & walking communities. Our survey gave us a very good idea of what our members want and where our energies should be directed. Compared to information gathered 2 years ago, some of your priorities are constant and some have changed over time, much like the actual “race face” has changed over that time.

The Running Room hired Jenn Hanus, here with us tonight from the PEI Marathon, to actively promote their services to local Race Directors. The result, over the past few years, especially the past 2, is more races using the services of both of us, more redundancy, and more cooperation. Local chip timing was born and bought out.

I think we have learned, as we suspected at the start, that we are not in a position to be the sanctioning body for road racing on PEI. We are a small, all volunteer Club. Is it possible? Sure, we did it in 2017 sanctioning almost 50 events. But, it’s not realistically sustainable given the current manpower and given the alternatives around now. Running Room can provide much of the race day equipment and insurance we do to race directors, as well as other services surrounding race day.

This year we’ve decided to go back to sanctioning only our Hashem’s Variety / PEI Roadrunner Point Series races. This cuts our sanctioned race list to just under 25. I believe, looking forward, the next step is to determine if and how changes could be made to the Points Series race list.

Running Room doesn’t do timing and Chip Timing is now too expensive for most races. We have a great system on our Database and I’d like to see more Race Directors learn to use it. I’d like to see students getting volunteer hours doing it at races and other volunteers stepping up to learn. I’m only committed to doing Point Race results this year lots of opportunity to help with one of the memberships top priorities.

Club members want information. You want to know where all the races are and when and you want to see the results. We will strive to give you that, quantity and quality dependent on manpower.

You wanted a new website and we hope you’ve seen it and like it. I hope you’ll point out any problems or mistakes on it. It will soon replace our current page. We will archive the incredible pile of info and history that is out current wiki site. If you speak a little WordPress or CSS and can help with the webpage, please talk to me. The membership wants Information and this is where they get it. We Thank Proude’s Shoes for continuing to sponsor our Web Page.

Christine Gauthier has been a great little Tweeter for us, Thank You Chris. Be like Chris – offer to help out with our social media.

Our new Merch Store is pretty exciting! I can hardly wait to see this stuff start showing up at races here and away. Endless choices, great brands, super prices. Hat tip to Cheri for that strike of brilliance & Stan’s legwork to make it happen.  Cheri is our resident volunteer, not on the board but at every board meeting & helping where she can at races and behind the scenes. Be like Cheri!

The new bibs are just a little self-indulgent treat. I took the Photo in 2016, as the sun rose, moments before the start of the PEI Marathon.  Thanks to Honda for again sponsoring our bibs.

Shoutout to my kids, especially Alex’s talented & generous brothers who serve as my tech guru and graphic designer. In an effort to teach us to fish, Jesse created illustrated text as well as video tutorials for the yearly tweeks our database needs when he programmed those tweeks this year. Ben is the guy who created vector files of our logo for the arch, clothing etc and turned my bib idea into something I could send to the printer. Ben has also generously served as a middle man, letting me use him and his store as a drop off/pick up location for equipment, hat & singlet sales, memberships etc. (Geno Games, 500 Queen St for all your video game and collector playing card needs!)

Speaking of equipment, its storage and care is an issue. It’s not practical for me to have it at my home in Oyster Bed Bridge and using Ben as middleman is not the solution. At the moment, all the equipment, except the “Runners Ahead” signs that the WR3 are using, is all at my house, half a km of impassable mud off the road. Next weekend the Sporting Intentions Spring Run Off will want the clock & tripod, maybe the arch with 6 sandbags, cords, ropes, signs, mileage markers etc.

The equipment needs to be stored somewhere accessible and made available to those who have requested it, and accounted for when it is returned. We could rent storage if there are people in Charlottetown willing to be “equipment managers” to meet people and check the equipment in & out. We’re open to ideas here so if you have one, please share it with us.

Now, off I go.

Thank you so much to each and every Board member who worked with me over the past two years and everyone who supported my 2 year Ultra with your Club in my hands.

I am so very pleased with where we are, how we got here, what we accomplished, and what we’ve learned. There is money in the bank. The survey comments were overwhelmingly positive, like little love notes to the Club. So many happy runners…

In a few minutes, we will elect a new executive Board for 2018. I will nominate a candidate for President and one for Vice President. I want to thank these two so much for letting their names stand. When I first gave thought to this transition and the Club going forward, I picked these people as the foundation of my “dream team.

That these people said yes to me, to you, thrills me to no end. I hope a couple of you here will join them, filling in those other vacancies on the board. Nominations will be taken from the floor for all positions & please throw your hat in the ring if you are willing.

Our future is so bright! I anticipate a smooth transition and great things ahead under our new board. Thank you to all of you, Run Happy!