Minutes May 15 2019


MAY 15, 2019
The meeting was held at 40 Enman Crescent at 7:00p.m
Present were:
President Kevin McCarville Vice –President Ensor McNeill
Past president Janet-Norman-Bain Treasurer Alan Easton
Youth Series Rep Maureen Peters Kings county Rep Stanley Chaisson
Queens County Rep Cheri Gallant Prince County Rep Stacey Kuypers
Regrets: Secretary – Pam Paquet

The Executive briefly reviewed the Annual Meeting and Awards night held in April at Harmony House.
People believe the night went well. The only concern is the belief the facility ended up being small for
the 70(+/-) who showed up. About 12-15 people had to eat upstairs away from the main group. The
cost to the Club for the Banquet was $ 635.00 (+/-)

Kevin indicated we need to do a better job of getting minutes drafted and onto our website in a
timely manner

Kevin had attended a presentation on Insurance for all sporting organizations covered by the Sport PEI
insurance policy. It is evident access to liability insurance is getting to be a major concern for sporting
organizations. Legal fees for claims are driving insurance firms out of the market.

Alan just received the books today. The Club has around $ 4,200.00 in the bank. This is after the
Annual meeting and Awards were paid for, as well as insurance and $ 540.00 for signs.

It was noted Ensor will be the keeper of our equipment. He now has all the equipment ( send requests
to ejmcneill61@gmail.com) except the arch, which Kevin still has.

The Bunny Hop, Sporting intentions and Proude’s Shoes runs were held in the past month, all in poor
weather. The Board believes the Bunny Hop route is dangerous and will follow up with the race
director to ask them to review it, possibly returning to the previous route

Kevin will be our voting delegate at Sport PEI’s annual meeting on May 28th . Janet and Ensor have also
expressed an interest in attending

Janet noted we currently have 226 members for 2019, including 39 new members. This is down
slightly from the 239 members in 2018. It was noted roughly 70 of our 2018 members have not
renewed memberships in 2019. It was also noted we need to do a better job of ensuring race directors
are current members.

The Board agreed on primary and secondary responsibilities for Board Members in 2019.
Maureen advised the Youth Running Series has held three events, all in less than ideal weather. The
numbers have ranged up to 120 for the events. She also noted the Province has contributed $1,500.00 to group.

The Board agreed the Youth Running Series would be charged a $100.00 sanctioning fee in 2019 and
that the fee would be reviewed for 2020. Maureen will draft a sanctioning document for the YRS for
Board approval.

The Board has received interest, but no formal request at this time, to sanction a trail running
initiative. The proponent needs to do more research on insurance before a formal request can be

Board members were asked to review both the Sanctioning document and our website. Kevin believes
both could use an update.

Stan and Kevin will report back to the Board on sponsorship with a view to having updates ready for

The Board agreed to revisit the possibility of selling WestJet tickets as a fundraiser until the fall.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30